Power Distribution

Power distribution networks are the final stage in the delivery of electric power, carrying electricity from the transmission system into homes and businesses.  Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) are the companies that own and operate all aspects of the power network including towers and cables. 

The UK power distribution sector is owned by seven regionally based Distribution Network Operators (DNOs), they are: 

  • Electricity North West
  • ESB Networks
  • Northern Island Electricity
  • Northern Powergrid
  • SP Energy Networks
  • SSE Power Distribution
  • UK Power Networks (UKPN)
  • Western Power Distribution (WPD)

There are also seven Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNO’s), they are:

  • Energetics Electricity Limited
  • ESP Electricity Limited
  • Harlaxton Energy Networks Limited
  • Independent Power Networks Limited
  • Peel Electricity Network Limited
  • The Electricity Network Company Limited
  • UK Power Networks (IDNO) Ltd
  • Utility Assets Limited

Langley Engineering are a leading distributor of Medium voltage distribution equipment, switchgear and power cable accessories into the power distribution sector. Supplying a range of products either directly to DNO’s or IDNO’s as well as via Power Contractors who work on the networks.

The Langley Engineering range of specialist products into the power distribution market includes:

  • Medium voltage switchgear
  • Distribution transformers
  • Voltage regulators
  • Separable connectors
  • Fixed load transformers
  • Transformer accessories
  • Medium voltage joints and terminations at 11kV,33kV and 66kV


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