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Padmount Transformers

The term 'Padmount Transformer' has become a generic expression for a low kVA ground mounted transformer with its own protection and even switching options either via elbow connectors or built in sectionalising switches.

Such devices have been the norm in America for 25 years since the URD revolution. Now they are finding favour in Europe primarily to replace pole mounted transformers in rural areas but also in urban areas where traditional substations with ring main switchgear and LV distribution panels are considered an overkill.

These transformers have their own protective fusing and this comprises a low energy Bay-O-Net fuse located in the high voltage compartment with a back-up high energy current limiting fuse in series. Both fuses are oil immersed.The Bay-O-Net fuse protects against secondary faults and transformer overload and is a field replaceable device

Padmount Transformers

The back-up CL fuse will only operate in the event of a transformer failure hence it does not need to be field replaceable. Some utilities are also requiring conventional LV fusing in these transformers which is readily achieved – up to two outgoing ways – also with generator connection facilities. The use of polymeric cable and loadbreak elbows enable switching and isolation to be carried out in the HV chamber in what is known as a 'Dead Front' environment , ie all termination's are fully screened and watertight. The Pad Mount Transformer would normally sit on a concrete 'pad' however the small 1Ø designs are now available already mounted on a 'polypad' base so they come ready to be sited on some hard standing, connected and switched on.


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