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Cooper Power Systems

Langley Engineering are the sole distribution partner for Eaton Cooper Power Systems in the U.K

Eaton is global leader of Power Management in the world with 2015 sales exceeding $20.9 billion. Employing over 96,000 employees and supplying products in to over 175 countries, Eaton’s strong heritage of innovation marked by quality, market expertise, unparalleled service and commitment to their suppliers.

In 2012 Eaton purchased Cooper Power Systems who were the largest supplier of medium voltage distribution equipment.

Their product range included:-

  • Transformers
  • Separable Connectors
  • Regulators
  • Reclosers
  • Switches
  • Capacitors
  • Surge Arresters
  • Fuses
  • Transformer Components
  • FR3 Dialectric Fluid

Eaton's extensive portfolio of electrical components, equipment and systems provides a fully integrated solution where you need it, from generation to consumption. All while incorporating the latest technologies and best practices designed for power generation, transmission and distribution applications.

In 2013, Eaton has been ranked a global leader by Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and was named to the Climate Disclosure Leadership Index. Eaton’s position in the index ranked it first among its global competitors in the industrials sector


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