Ask the Expert

Q            What bushing types can you offer connectors for?

A             We can offer connectors for 200 Series Type A, 400 Series Type B, 400 Series Type C, 600 Series Type D and 700 Series Type E bushing Types.

Q            Are your separable connectors suitable for use on Network Rail?

A             Yes, our 600 & 700 Series connectors are approved for use on Network Rail

Q            Do you stock Pfisterer Innercone Terminations?

A             Yes we have a comprehensive product range of the Pfisterer Innercone terminations  including the larger Size 3 XL sizes and Rail specific Variants.

Q            What type of Cable Leads can you manufacture?

A             We are able to produce cable leads for 11, 22 and 36kv applications using both 3M Coldshrink terminations and Coopers Separable Connectors.



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